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Permanent Make up

If you have stopped looking on the mirror because of some imperfections on your face, you would be glad to know that it’s not too late yet! With our permanent make up solutions such as permanent makeup eyeliner and makeup lip tattoos, you can achieve the perfection. This will boost the confidence for sure! Explore the best permanent makeup tattoo solutions right here.


Shading Brow Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Eyebrows make your eyes look even more beautiful. We provide the best makeup that matches the beauty of your eyes the most!

lip liner 2.jpg

Full Makeup Lip Tattoo - Lip Liner

Perfect lips make your smile immortal! Get them redone with our excellent and advanced permanent make-up technology.


Full Permanent Makeup Eyeliner with touch up

Define and enhance the natural shape of your eyes and make them even more beautiful with our permanent eyeliner make up.


First initial touch up - 6 to 8 weeks

(after the first initial)

Early touch up -3 to 6 months

Yearly touch up - 12 to 20 months


All these prices are only for regular clients, Touch up from outside client please ask for details.     

Please call for appointment 775-835- 3078          

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