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Eyelash Enhancing

If you are in search for a technique that will help make your eyelash longer, fuller and sexier, then natural looking eyelash extensions are made for you.  It is the safest and most glamorous way to enhance eyelashes.


Now, get the best eyelash extension in Reno, Nevada and you can choose from our wide variety of curl, thickness, lengths, and colors that can be customized also to achieve your desirable look.


"C.J'' is a well-experienced eyelash extension specialist! She has been doing this for  8  years and conducts training classes.  You are safe and in good hands!


You won't even feel that you are undergoing an eyelash extension because of her light touch..

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45-60 min.

Individual Classy Natural

Eyelash Extension



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75  min.

Glamorous | Hybrid

Eyelash Extension



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Eyelash Enhancing Materials and Procedures

Image by Hayley Kim Design

Preparation before appointment

  • Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with a mild, oil-free cleanser. Make it sure that there will be no oil based ingredients make up removers because it will affect the adhesion and cause the lashes to fall out prematurely.

  • No mascara on or don't curl your lashes.

  • Allergies are rare happen, but if you have a history of eye disease, ask your Physician


We use lashes made of high-quality materials like synthetic mink, silk, and Siberian mink fur. They are designed to give a natural and attractive look.

After Care

  • Do not wet your lashes within 24  hours .

  • No steam, saunas, swimming. No rubbing of your eyes.  No pull off loose lash extensions.

  • Avoid wiping eyes/face with towels. Use a patting technique to prevent lashes from being pulled out.

  • No sleeping with face down. Don't face the shower directly to your eyes.

  • Only professional eyelash extension specialist are authorize to remove the extension. You can find the best eyelash extension in your town to do this job perfectly. We use a removal solution to make it sure that your natural lash will be safe.

''Our professionals apply the lashes very carefully and precisely. Only one lash is applied at a time for optimum accuracy.''

Eyelash Plucking
Makeup Trials

We are the best place to get the eyelash extension near you and our eyelash extensions come in varieties of curls, thickness, lengths, and colors that can be custom tailored as per the demand of the clients.

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